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What's Really special about sharon?

It's what she does when she’s not feeding paying customers: she really FEEDS people – homeless people: two days a week Sharon and her staff hit the streets of Albuquerque providing food for 150-200 people each time.  Additionally, she has been known to help families in need.  With food from her own resources and donations from friends and customers, Sharon, her staff and volunteers prepare food in her kitchen at 3400 Constitution, Suite D (at Carlisle) and then go out to distribute to homeless and hungry people wherever they can find them.  Last winter she collected blankets, sleeping bags and more to help keep them warm.  During the summer she collects bottled water, hats,summer clothing and shoes.

This is Sharon's mission: to make sure everyone has enough food.  When Sharon isn't out there giving out food, she is thinking up ways to find more donations, to feed more, to do more.

You can help Sharon and her Gourmet to Go staff assist the homeless with food and other necessities.

Your Financial Support is appreciated!

Mail your check to Sharon's Gourmet to Go
3400 Constitution NE Suite D, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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