Gluten, Grain & Sugar Free Products: Gluten Free at Gourmet to Go | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Goodies that are GOOD for you.

Catering to dietary restrictions shouldn't mean giving up taste or quality of your menu. Gourmet to Go gladly accommodates diets including but not limited to: vegan, vegetarian, raw, nut allergies, low-sodium, low-fat, wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and diabetic.  Our professional and personal staff  treats every guest’s palates to culinary delights. 

Sharon offers a range of healthy eating options for folks with special dietary needs and for those who just want to try a new way of eating including agave (sugar substitute), coconut oil, gluten-free and wheat free options; providing fantastic vegan and vegetarian options to accommodate even the fussiest of tastes. We offer a gluten-free, sugar-free and non-dairy alternative for just about everything we do.

Receiving a Celiac disease diagnosis or being told you need to be on a gluten-free diet can be an overwhelming experience. While eating gluten-free can improve your health, it is important that you not attempt a gluten-free diet without a doctor's supervision, as there are many potential health risks involved with making drastic changes to your diet, which can be avoided with assistance of a qualified doctor and/or nutritionist. If you suspect gluten-intolerance to be the culprit for your health problems, start by paying attention to how you feel when you eat certain foods; get examined by a doctor and get tested for celiac and other food allergies before initiating a gluten-free diet.

Why not try any of our menus…even desserts aren’t off limits with such scrumptious items such as gluten or grain free muffins, pumpkin pie, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and more. 

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